Monday – A Re-make

I’m sometimes asked to re-quilt a Quilt that has already been finished with hand-quilting.

Some of you might even wonder why I would do this, or even how I would put it on my frame. 

It can be a challenge to add machine quilting to a work that has hand-work, but there are times when the machine quilting can enhance the original quilt. Let’s face it, the two are very different and have distinct textural looks.

Left Border

Today on my frame I have a beautiful Quilt and I’ve been asked to add dense background quilting so that the quilt will not sag and the applique will stand out.

My plan is to treat the hand stitching as a separate design element and add my machine stitching to compliment what is already there. 

What do you think about adding machine stitching to a hand-quilted work. I’d love to hear from you.

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