artist statement

For me, making art has been an ongoing exploration in which the journey and the process of creating is as much or more important than the final artwork itself.

Working with fabric and threads started my love affair with art. From the beginning, the process of transforming scraps of cloth into art has been all consuming – a reflection of my ideas, thoughts and dreams. And, over the years, the process of creating has had its way with me, leading me from happy experiments to deliberate and purposeful interpretation in fabric. Quilting fills me with a sense of accomplishment and allows me to reveal and learn about myself, translating my private and emotional side into an outward reality – a quilt.

I am inspired by natural elements, from everyday life as well as impressions from my dreams. My work comes from an inward self-interpretation of ideas and symbolism which can be found in both recognizable and abstract objects in my quilts. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, I frequently allow my emotional hunches feed my artistic decisions. I am satisfied and rewarded when my playful experiments influence the finished quilt.

I hope my quilts will be enjoyed and bring personal meaning to viewers. I also want viewers to appreciate the craftsmanship of both the traditional and contemporary quilt making techniques used in my quilts. While my quilts are a very personal reflection of myself, my goal is for viewers to find their own meaning within the fabrics and threads of the quilt.

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